Facebook Auto Poster

Facebook Group Autoposter is a tool where you can automatically sheldue your posts.

Maximum gruop post is 5000 groups and pages in one task, posting interval from 5 minute up to 3 days. Multiple schedule task enable . You can reschedule your tasks when they finish . Add images, links, text and other stuff.

Features is containing  with Dashboard, Sheldues, Groups, Settings.


$5 Monthly Price

Facebook Auto Poster User Testimonials

FB Autoposter

Pat Morietta 17/09/2014
This software is VERY user friendly!!
Great and easy to use! Fast.
Wonderful Software!
Love IT!!

Clickable Images?!!! Wow!

Sou Lim 25/08/2014
Gotta take my hat off to Mario for creating this amazing tool.

The best part about it for me is the clickable image feature. I've used a few different autoposters before but none of them had this option.

It makes your ad look like a 'sponsored post' which definitely makes your ad stand out above everyone else's.

Great job Mario!

Re: Clickable Images?!!! Wow!

Mario 25/08/2014
Thank You Lim!

FB Auto Poster

Jeramie Feliciano 20/08/2014
So where do I begin?

I first wanna thank Mario for connecting with me. Mario is a brilliant man with a huge array of skills. We got to talking and he blew my mind with the stuff that he knows. This FB auto poster is by far the best one that I have used. After purchasing I even went to a buddy of mine to compare the two and even though my buddy was using a poster that I thought was the best. It stands no chance against the one that Mario Developed. Great stuff brother. I will be doing plenty of business with you and your team in the future.

Re: FB Auto Poster

Mario 21/08/2014
Thank You Jeramie! I'm glad that i helped you!

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